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Client Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

A. R. Savage and Son, LLC operates solely in the capacity of an Agent and as such is not responsible for Debts or Obligations incurred for Goods and Services to a Vessel.  Principals appointing A. R. Savage and Son, LLC as Agent, are required to Advance Funds to cover Estimates of all Port Disbursements including any Cash required by the Vessel.  Goods and Services to the vessel will not be engaged unless all funds are received in advance of the vessels arrival at the pilot station. A. R. Savage and Son, LLC will not be liable or responsible for Service to the Vessel if sufficient funds have not been advanced.  A. R. Savage and Son, LLC maintains the right to assess Late Fees, Penalties and Legal Costs arising from insufficient advance funding or any time and costs to collect balances owed.  Disputes and Discrepancies must be submitted in Writing with proper supporting Documents no later than 30 days following submission of the final Disbursement Account. By appointing A. R. Savage and Son, LLC a principal hereby agrees to these terms and conditions

Please send all emails to which is our general email address covering all persons in our operations department.

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